Timo Baker



A Cosmological Fantasia (short) - Director: Rob Hifle

Film Trailers

The Adjustment Bureau - trailer soundtrack
Paul - track "Taken" used on International movie trailer
SAW IV - web trailer


CSI: NY - 3 episodes - tracks licensed for use within this global CBS show

Secrets Of Wild India - 3 part series for Icon Films/National Geographic
Director - Duncan Chard/Series Producer - Harry Marshall

Stan Lee's Superhumans - 8 part series for History
Series Producers - Andrew Zikking/Jayne Edwards

Mr & Mrs Wolf - 2 part series for Five
Series Producer - Kath Moore

Living With The Wolfman - 8 part series for Animal Planet
Series Producer - Kath Moore

João Magueijo's Big Bang - Discovery
Director - Honor Peters/Series Producer - Graham Booth

Nature Shock series - Five/Nat Geo/ITV Global - Series Producer: Jo Shiner
- The Bodiless Bear (dir. Duncan Chard)
- Alien Ice Bear (dir. Luke Wiles)
- Zombie Alligators (dir. Duncan Chard)
- Jellyfish Invasion (dir. Luke Wiles)
- Mutant Devils (dir. Duncan Chard)
- The Snake That Exploded (dir. Luke Wiles)
- India's Invisible Killer (dir. Nick Clarke-Powell)
- Zombie Sea Lions (dir. Martin Morrison)
- The Tragedy Of The Kruger Crocs (dir. Adam Malins)
- The Seal Ripper (dir. Nick Clarke-Powell)

Wild Case Files - title music

BBC Snooker (BBC) - title theme and beds
Totally Doctor Who (BBC) - titles and beds
Guide to Dodging Disasters (BBC) - titles
Upstaged (BBC 3) - titles, beds and featured music
Celebrity Life Skills (Channel 4) - titles, beds

MTV Room Raiders - titles and beds
Tony Hawk: Rise to the Underground (Extreme Sports Channel) - featured music

Fuse TV (Much Music) - titles and stings

Now TV - various titles, beds and stings
The Object I (short) - composer
The Object II (short) - composer

Gamer TV
- When Games Attack
- Gamer TV

Esport TV - titles, beds and stings


Aquarius Red Blast
IBM promo
Siemens Phone ad
L'Oreal promo
Nike promo
Dolby ad
Nokia ad
Cocoon 4D ad
IBM "In The Dark" promo

Reebok promo
Peugeot car promo


Hard-fi - Living For The Weekend
Sanguine - Contagious

Timo Baker/T Minus 50

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